Kandi Derry Digiovanni - Helping Professional in New Jersey

Kandi Derry Digiovanni

As a care coordinator with the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence in Robbinsville, New Jersey, Kandi Derry Digiovanni oversees evaluation and treatment planning for individuals dealing with substance abuse and/or mental illness. She employs the Addiction Severity Index and its associate Immediate Need Profile and, if necessary, Child Safety Evaluator, to determine what supports the person requires. Kandi Derry Digiovanni then follows the client's progress through care channels, where she advocates for their psychological, mental, and practical needs.

Kandi Digiovanni comes to her work with an MA in counseling from Kean University. She pursued her graduate degree while serving as an athletic trainer for the university, where she assisted athletes in preventing and dealing with injuries. Responsible for crafting rehabilitation plans for injured athletes, she also offered pre-season testing and the distribution of protective tools, including braces and athletic tape.

During her final year graduate study, Ms. Digiovanni balanced her athletic training work and her academic responsibilities with service as a counselor intern at Journey to Wellness. There, she gathered experience in client evaluations as well as one-on-one and group counseling.